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Leak Location & Air Current Detection

Air Current Testers

An essential tool for finding leaks in your enclosure, each Retrotec Air Current Tester creates about 1000 puffs of smoke, has an indefinite shelf life until activated and comes in an airtight case.

Air Current Testers are often called smoke puffers. The smoke puffer has a perfect neutral buoyancy smoke stream that makes it easy for you to see invisible air leaks in ductwork and thermal envelopes.

Your Air Current Tester Comes packed in an airtight storage tube with 2 spare nozzles and 1 spare rubber tip. The internal glass vial holds the 10 ml of TiCl~4~ chemical indefinitely prior to charging. Charge by merely folding the tube. No messy chemicals to pour.

Always make sure you have one or two air current testers at your job site!

Test for:

  • Air-flow Direction
  • Room and building Leak location
  • Duct Leakage
  • Energy wasting house leaks
  • Room pressure imbalances
  • Pressure neutralization
  • Backdraft, spillage and heat exchanger leaks

Once activated, the Air Current Tester will produce small or large puffs with excellent control. Long streams can be produced to check for air movement over wide areas or smaller puffs for smaller areas. Hairline cracks can be identified easily.


Air Current Tester

One Air Current Tester
Consists of a 7.75 long by 1.3 diameter Teflon barrel with a 2.25 rubber extension tube, Teflon connecting tube, and T-nozzle.

Spares (packed in carrying tube):
One rubber extension tube and two T-cap-nozzles.

Carrying tube:
Each Air Current Tester comes in a 10.8 long ABS case x 1.9 diameter with airtight end caps, operating instruction and MSDS sheet.

  • 1.2 pounds in storage tube.
  • Store indefinitely until activated just fold the Air Current Tester to break internal tube.
  • After activation, lasts 2 to 6 months depending on usage.
  • Good for over 2000 puffs of smoke.
  • Internal glass vial holds the TiCl 4 chemical indefinitely prior to charging. No messy chemicals to pour.
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